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Extra Extra Large Ready-Made Adult Urn for Mom

Extra Extra Large Ready-Made Adult Urn for Mom

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This urns is ready made and ready to ship exactly as shown in this photo. It is pre-glazed, with the text as shown, and the gold painted stamp. This urn cannot be customized, but if you want a custom urn, please select the custom urn selection also found in this online shop.

      Extra Extra Large, Satin Grey, Feet, "Mom Dearly Loved"

      exterior dimensions (includes lid): 6.25" diameter x 10.25" height

      volume: 210 cubic inches

*ash volume varies. please measure the ashes in cubic inches (length x width x height), or ask the funeral home for a urn size recommendation. 

these urns currently take approximately 1-3 days to pack depending on when the order is placed and how many urns are  (plus time to ship).

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