partnership/ wholesale urn discount code

We are looking to partner with non-profit organizations, instagram / facebook loss support groups, and businesses that support families going through loss. Please contact us if you would like to discuss ways we can partner to help reach people in need of urns.  There are many ways we can work together and we would love to hear from you.  

We have a discount code we can share with you. Please contact us to discuss. We are trying out a method of offering a special code to our partners so their families can order directly from the site with your special code, and then you will be able to pay at a later date for all of the orders placed with that specific code.

For the infant urns, we have partnered with organizations in the infant loss support community. Some of our partners are non profit foundations that provide urns to families and we have various ways to support that.  We also have partnered with instagram pages of parents who have gone through loss and they have formed support groups. 

For the pet urns, we have partnered with vets looking to share the urn resource and we can provide sample urns and discount cards.  We are also interested to partner with pet loss and pet fan instagram and Facebook groups.

For our line of adult and older child urns and infant urns, we have started discussions with funeral homes/ crematoriums and we are working on activating our wholesale urn listings and coupon codes.

We have an urn product catalog/ take away sheets and postcards, small business cards, and urn samples that we would love to share with the potential partners. Feel free to send us an email and let us know about your organization or business.