how to order


1. determine the appropriate urn size 

we suggest you measure the ashes with a ruler in cubic inches (l x w x h), or ask the funeral home for an urn size recommendation (volume is measured in cubic inches, not by weight of ashes). ash volume can vary, so we are unable to make an accurate guess on the urn size that you will need.

2. choose the urn size and shape 

we offer four sizes of urns in the online urn shop found in the top menu.  select the listing with the corresponding urn size.  we are working on the XL and XXL urn sizes designs currently and hope to add them soon.

exterior dimensions and volume are listed below and in each product description.  

3. personalize the urn/ add to cart

select 'personalize your custom urn here' button on the product page to choose glaze color, stamps, gold or no gold in the stamp, font choices, and to insert your custom text. suggestions for phrases can be found here. this tool makes a preview so you can see the urn as you are designing it, and this preview gets saved with your order so we can use it for making your urn. add the urn to your cart to check out.

 available custom upgrades:

- custom black and white image for baby feet prints  and full color pet urn images. 

head to our  infant urn gallery page or the pet urn gallery for inspiration. I also have some recent customer photos posted on the @vitrifiedstudio instagram page.

-for the color pet urn images, the urn glaze color options are only gloss white and gloss light grey. the images are ceramic toner images that are fired and fused into the glaze surface. they do not contain a white pigment, so all of the white areas or light colored areas are transparent. we suggest using the white gloss image if there are any light colors in the image. here is a sample of the white compared to the light grey


production lead time 

standard production lead time is currently 4-7 days , this does not include shipping transit time. the urns are created in the order the transactions are received.  you can choose a faster shipping option at checkout. 

still have questions? email us - 

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