modern pottery urn is a collection of urns made by vitrifiedstudio

portland, oregon usa 


who we are 

vitrifiedstudio was formed in 2011 by Shelley Martin. it started as a one person studio making modern dinnerware and tableware. since then the business has grown to its current team size of five individuals. we have shifted the focus of the studio to be custom pottery urns for people and pets, but we do occasionally do other special projects. 

why we make urns

we strive to create beautiful and timeless urns made to your custom design. 

it is our honor to make these vessels to hold the cremated remains of your loved ones. we are proud of the beautiful urns that we make and we love knowing these vessels will be treasured for your lifetime. 

our craft

we create custom pottery urns for your precious loved one’s cremains. each handmade urn is designed by the customer using our template and is a one of a kind handcrafted urn.

we have heard from many customers that the time spent designing the urn has become part of the grieving process, and we strive to offer a seamless process and service during this difficult time.

the porcelain pottery urns we make are slip-cast in our studio using plaster molds that we created from our hand thrown clay forms. each piece is glazed on the exterior of the urn and fired in the kiln. we add text to the urn fired again onto the surface and hand painted stamped symbols. these urns have locking lids and are available in various sizes. the customization tool offers various font, stamp, and glaze color options for the customer to fully customize the design of the urn and insert their requested custom text. The custom urn can be previewed in the layout tool as it is being ordered.

the urns we make have evolved over the years, it started with the line of wheel thrown/ hand stamped urns that we sell on our vitrifiedstudio etsy shop. this new line of slip cast urns has been designed to reach an even larger customer base with its time efficient production process. we are trying our best to align our product to the needs of our grieving customers, and expand our business to better serve the needs of online community.

we have thousands of reviews in our vitrifiedstudio etsy shop for the urns we have sold on that platform in the past ten+ years. I know we have very few reviews currently in this website shop, but feel free to browse those reviews to hear from our previous customers.