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Medium - Tall Adult Custom Cremation Urn with Handwritten Note

Medium - Tall Adult Custom Cremation Urn with Handwritten Note

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Medium tall custom urn designed with uploaded note written by your loved one with text, fonts and stamp options. Personalized funeral urn for ashes.

Use the "personalize your custom urn here" button to access the design tool page.  See other urn sizes or find ready to ship non-custom urns in the website shop. 

Modern Pottery Urn is a collection by vitrifiedstudio, handmade in Portland Oregon USA.

exterior dimensions (includes lid): 4" diameter x 6" height

volume: 45 cubic inches 


*ash volume varies. please measure the ashes in cubic inches (length x width x height), or ask the funeral home for a size recommendation. 

These urns currently take approximately 2-7 days to make (plus shipping time). Contact us for an update on availability. We try to keep some urns partially made and ready to customize, so some of the urns can be ready to ship sooner than others.

Please feel free to contact me with questions on availability or customizations. The urns are all handmade, and we might be able to take additional customization requests for the text, but not for the stamps or glazes.

Other listings have the ability to add color photos, ink print footprints, and ultrasound images. 

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