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XS - Photo Pet Urn Fully Glazed

XS - Photo Pet Urn Fully Glazed

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size extra small fully glazed custom photo pet urn designed with your choice of text, custom photo, and glaze color.  use the "personalize.." button to access the design page.

the decals don't print white, so the light colored areas, white areas or white fur will print as transparent and show the color of the glaze below. if your image has any light areas, please choose the white gloss color option as that will make the image look the best. 

exterior dimensions (includes lid): 3" diameter x 3" height

volume: 10 cubic inches 

*ash volume varies. please measure the ashes in cubic inches (length x width x height), or ask the vet office or crematorium for a size recommendation. 

these urns take approximately 1 week to make (plus shipping time). 

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